A Sensible Diet Plan Anyone Can Follow

Since my boyfriend died a little over a year ago I have put on a significant amount of weight. I have gained about 45 pounds in my time of grief. But I have come to the realization that it is time to take action and do something about it. I have heard about the Medifast Diet but don’t know much about it so I did an internet search for medifast reviews for weightloss. After skimming over the key points of the website I was very interested and wanted to learn more about this weight loss program.

This is going to be a big step for me and I don’t know what direction it will take me but something has to be done. If I keep ignoring the problem I suspect I will eventually become morbidly obese. I definitely don’t want that to happen. » Read more

We Need an Internet Safer for Our Kids

More professionals and politicians need to speak up and do something about the risks for children on the Internet. We are stuck now going into about the third generation of Internet users. Kids today at extremely young ages are doing things online. They do not have the cognitive or social abilities to protect themselves from exploitation. Young parents seem to be lacking in the knowledge of Internet risks. I applaud people like Joanna Shields who does the work at no pay working to protect children on the Internet.

I have seen such an increase in news stories of young girls being abducted by or willingly running away with men they meet online. Recently there was a case in our area where a girl was lured by her peers and murdered. I also saw on the news a story about a calculator app that has a hidden image directory that kids are using to hide their sexting and other pornographic images. In the city about 30 miles from our home a young teenager has been arrested and prosecuted for having illegal photos of girls from his school. » Read more

Movie Watching is a Lot Better for Me Now

I had been hearing at work that many Internet provider companies were soon going to be really fast Internet that is much faster than what we have been used to for the past 10 years or so. During one of the conversations I overhead at work, I jumped in to ask what is fios?? What will it mean for me? My manager explained that it is just high speed access that is given to customers with the help of a fiber optic network. It used to be that this type of fast service was something that only businesses could afford to buy, but now, many people have it in their own homes to use with their own personal computer.

I had been with a popular company that has an online presence known for movies for some time. I used to get the movie DVDs sent to my home, and then I would mail them back when I had watched the entire movie. It was a lot of fun. But I recently signed up for their streaming only service, and I have had a tough time watching it because I had such slow Internet access at home.

During just one 2 hour movie, I often find that the average movie buffers around 20 or more times. Each time it happens, the issue lasts from anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The best way to ruin a quick movie is to have to sit and wait for it to start playing again repeatedly. Sometimes, I would go get a snack, run to the restroom or even check my email when it would happen. But over time, it became no fun to watch movies this way.

I knew that FiOS speeds would be something that would keep the movie issue happening to me. It was nice to know that it is available in my area. I asked the company who would be offering it to me if it would help me watching streaming programs more easily, and they said yes. They were right about that.

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The Future of Russo American Relations

I have been thinking a lot about our relations with Russia and it's obviously aggressive actions against it's neighbors. Obviously they have seized Crimea from Ukraine and fomented unrest in the Eastern parts of Ukraine, apparently looking to simply destabilize the country. If you look around for Ukraine general information then you will find that they are responsible for a great deal of the trouble in that country. The current crisis began with the overthrow of a kleptomaniac who was basically on the payroll of the Russian Federation. It is obvious that the big problem is that the Russian are really terrified of the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to it's doorstep. Russia has a great deal of historical reason for it's paranoia, starting in the relative recent history of the Second World War. In fact it is estimated that around twenty five million Russians died during the German invasion and occupation.

Before that the Russians were invaded by the Turks from the South, the Swedes from the North, the empire of Napoleon, the Poles and even the Lithuanians. It is hard to believe, but at one point in time the now tiny state of Lithuania controlled a vast empire consisting of large swathes of Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine and Russia. The topography of Russia provides very few obstacles for an invader. It is all flat and if you have a highly mobile army with adequate logistics, then you can easily overrun large parts of the country. It is all a matter of being able to outmaneuver the defense, although obviously you eventually have to face the Russian winter and that is always the decisive factor in favor of the defense. It is a great question as to how much the Russian military has really improved now.

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