Learning About Nutrition for Better Living

I have had a problem with food ever since I was just a child. We were poor, but the one thing we never lacked was food. We always had a good spread, and my mom would make sure that there was a delicious dessert with nearly every meal. That led to some poor food decisions on my part, and I have been battling those poor choices for a while now. I decided enough is enough recently though, and I started looking for the best site to learn about nutrition. I knew that I was going to need to learn about nutrition in order to finally win the war, and I was able to find a great website that did just that.

I did not want a website that simply told me to avoid chocolate and eat carrots. I already knew that. I wanted something more though, but I was not sure what it was until I actually found it. This blog that I found has so many informative articles in it, and it has helped me tremendously. I learned that food addiction is real, and that it is something that I have been suffering from for the majority of my life.

I also learned about exercising, nutrition, and a great balance between the two. What I liked most about it though was how down to earth it is. It does not talk over my head, and the medical terms are very limited. I did not go to college to study nutrition, so I really appreciated that someone like me is able to walk away from the blog understanding a lot more about nutrition. I have put some of the things into practice into my own life, and I have already lost nearly 20 pounds. Even better, I have not felt this good, ever!

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