The Future of Russo American Relations

I have been thinking a lot about our relations with Russia and it’s obviously aggressive actions against it’s neighbors. Obviously they have seized Crimea from Ukraine and fomented unrest in the Eastern parts of Ukraine, apparently looking to simply destabilize the country. If you look around for Ukraine general information then you will find that they are responsible for a great deal of the trouble in that country. The current crisis began with the overthrow of a kleptomaniac who was basically on the payroll of the Russian Federation. It is obvious that the big problem is that the Russian are really terrified of the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to it’s doorstep. Russia has a great deal of historical reason for it’s paranoia, starting in the relative recent history of the Second World War. In fact it is estimated that around twenty five million Russians died during the German invasion and occupation.

Before that the Russians were invaded by the Turks from the South, the Swedes from the North, the empire of Napoleon, the Poles and even the Lithuanians. It is hard to believe, but at one point in time the now tiny state of Lithuania controlled a vast empire consisting of large swathes of Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine and Russia. The topography of Russia provides very few obstacles for an invader. It is all flat and if you have a highly mobile army with adequate logistics, then you can easily overrun large parts of the country. It is all a matter of being able to outmaneuver the defense, although obviously you eventually have to face the Russian winter and that is always the decisive factor in favor of the defense. It is a great question as to how much the Russian military has really improved now.

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